The Ascension Paradise Garden & Community Space

The Ascension Paradise Garden and Community Space

The Ascension Paradise Garden and Community Space is a truly inclusive community facility within The Ascension Church and its surrounding grounds, providing a vital social amenity, focal point and ‘green oasis’ for the residents of Lower Broughton, Salford and beyond.

We are currently developing and demonstrating, in practical ways, how parish assets, alongside worship, can be utilised to alleviate isolation, tackle deprivation and provide opportunities for multi-faith and cross-cultural exchange, addressing the priority needs of local people within the parish and wider community.

We do this by reaching out to, engaging with and inspiring local people through delivering practical, inter-generational, collaborative activities, volunteer initiatives, training and support services, often in partnership with local organisations, community groups and multi-faith networks.

We also need the input of enthusiastic volunteers for our various initiatives which focus on gardening, landscaping and food-growing activities within our Paradise Garden and the cooking of low-cost, nutritional food in our community cafeteria using fresh produce from our Paradise Garden and other local sources.

So please explore our website to find out more about the history and development of The Ascension Paradise Garden and Community Space, our previous and current volunteer initiatives, activities and events and how you can become involved.