The Ascension Paradise Garden & Community Space


“Quite simply this is one of the most imaginative, effective and practical projects I have come across. It helps to meet the needs of a very deprived area of Salford. The project has helped transform the appearance of what was a very run down and depressed area. It engages with local people in an open and constructive way and is helping to create a sense of community where there is wholesale re-building of the housing stock and re-population.”

The Venerable David Sharples, Archdeacon of Salford.

“Scores of people packed into The Ascension Church in Lower Broughton on Wednesday, 13 March for a multi-cultural community event to mark International Women's Day...Revellers were able to learn about different cultures and traditions and sample authentic international cuisine from around the world....Sue Sutton, our director of customer and neighbourhood services, said: "The event was all about celebrating the achievements of the inspirational women living in our community and it was a big success. It was wonderful to see so many women from different backgrounds come together and showcase their talents, achievements and beliefs. It was an excellent community event that really celebrated the multiculturalism of Salford."

A Press Release from Salix Homes, the local social housing company.

“Our event to celebrate International Women's Day at The Ascension Paradise Garden & Community Space was fantastic and all the ladies at WOW and we are all excited about the possibilities of developing collaborative projects in the future. The activities and community meals are also a brilliant way of bringing the local community together, particularly for refugees, asylum seekers and people of different faiths as everyone is made to feel so very welcome and part of the community."

Emily Mmbololo, Chair of 'Women of The World' Community Group.

“Our learners who have volunteered at The Ascension Paradise Garden Project have found it really helpful and enjoyable – not only for learning new skills and meeting new people but also for helping them to feel more confident and connected to their own community. They have forged new friendships and learned how to plant a variety of vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers. This experience has also helped them to improve their English language skills as well as providing regular outside activity, resulting in improved health and wellbeing.”

Jacqui Gofton, Employment Advice & Guidance Officer, The Seedley & Langworthy Trust, Salford.

“We have delivered a series of 'Luv 2 Cook & Get Moving' sessions at The Ascension Community Space with families from Riverview Primary School which were focused on increasing knowledge of healthy eating and improving levels of physical activity in local people. The church was a good venue as it is located centrally, the atmosphere is always a welcoming one and as the church is in the centre of the community it proved to be an ideal venue. We have always found the atmosphere and everybody at the church very positive, open and welcoming about community events. Thank you!"

Dave Bradley, Senior Health Improvement Worker, East Salford Health Improvement Service