The Ascension Paradise Garden & Community Space

Worship At The Ascension

"For the third time in fifty years the local community has recently experienced a huge regeneration project which has offered us the chance for growth, change and engagement with the new community as it evolves. Our iconic church stands at the centre of the local community where so much has been torn down and destroyed and we hope to create a place which looks to the future without disregarding our heritage.

We are an open, welcoming, forward-thinking parish at the heart of Lower Broughton, Salford, with a small, vibrant, passionate congregation who are open and willing to receive anyone who walks through our doors. We are located at the heart of this community, we remain at the centre of this community and we shall continue to serve this community as best we can, as we have for one hundred and forty year so far... and counting...

We are Anglo-Catholic by tradition, affiliated to Forward in Faith and a fertile place for growth in faith. We Trust in the Lord and we trust that so long as there is a need for Christ's witness and so long as we are faithful and true to our God, then we shall thrive, grow, and provide whatever is possible with the resources we bring.

Come and take a look around. Come and join us for services. Come and offer your help - it will be accepted willingly!"

Revd. Canon David Wyatt, Priest-in-Charge and Chairman of The Ascension Parochial Church Council.


Sunday Parish Mass, 9.30 – 10.30 a.m.

Full sung Mass (setting: Dom Gregory Murray) with incense and the Angelus (also sung). Everyone is warmly welcome to our principal weekly service. After the Mass everyone is more than cordially invited to join us for tea, coffee and whatever nibbles have been provided!

Monday Mass, 10.30 – 11.00 a.m.

What better way to start the working week if you can? This is a said Mass which ends with the Angelus. People are most welcome to join us in the Lady Chapel for this service. The regulars often enjoy tea and coffee afterwards and would be thrilled if you joined them!

Wednesday Mass & Coffee Morning, 10.30 – 10.45 a.m.

The midweek Mass, said in the Lady Chapel is, after the Sunday Mass, probably the most popular. It is the only Mass during the week which will regularly includes a hymn. After the Mass there is an informal coffee morning with tea, coffee, toast, biscuits and chat!

Saturday Mass, 10.00 a.m.

A good end to the week - especially for those of us still working and who cannot otherwise attend services during the week. Tea and coffee are usually on offer after the Mass.


A Spiritual Oasis for those of Different Faiths

The Church and Society Department of the Anglican Church supports parishes in matters which relate to mission and social responsibility, encouraging Christian churches and denominations to work together to respond to particular areas of social need whilst also ensuring that matters of social and ethical concern, diversity and relationships with other faiths are advanced. It is only through working alongside members of other religions and ethnic groups in practical, social and task-oriented projects, sharing resources and tackling specific problems through local initiatives, that trust can be created as well as leaders, renewing belief and faith.

The creation of our ‘Paradise Garden’ is based on the iconic features and key, traditional elements historically shared by all three Abrahamic traditions of Christianity, Islam and Judaism and many different cultures and regions. Thus our contemporary Paradise Garden and related community food-growing initiatives, events and social activities within the 'Community Space' serve as a multi-cultural, ‘spiritual oasis’, opening up areas of spiritual interest and providing opportunities for inter-faith dialogue.

The development and promotion of our activities, proposed events and partnerships with collaborative community groups and organisations will especially focus on involving members of the local, multi-ethnic community and other faith groups.

We welcome people of different faiths to come and use the Community Space and worship at The Ascension Church. We have already developed strong links with the large Coptic, Christian Eritrean and Ethiopian communities of the parishes of Broughton and wider, central and East Salford and our sister parish of St. Paul’s who regularly use the church and community space for social events and worship activities.